Monday, January 23, 2012

Pirate Wedding - Skirt 1

Okay! Yesterday I made the first skirt of the pirate wedding costume ensemble using the homespun-like dark blue-grey sari fabric. It looks fabulous with my Elizabethan corset, which is NOT the corset I'm wearing to the wedding, but I wanted my outfit to be wearable to Renaissance fests too, so I'm happy with it.

I'm actually wearing a Victorian corset underneath the Elizabethan bodice, haha. You can see it poking out of the top. The petticoat + blue-grey skirt are so BULKY, and I still have another skirt to go on top, so I felt like I needed an under-corset over my over-corset! I am bullet-proof wearing this outfit. I love the Elizabethan bodice so much, but I think in this case it would be better on top, rather than a foundation garment. I want to see if the lady who made it will make it in the gold tapestry fabric I bought.

The skirt fabric is actually more like a gauze. It's very sheer. I'm wearing it over my 18th-century style petticoat and you can tell. And the fabric sticks to itself making it difficult to work with. I wanted to attach my bed skirt ruffle but if I attached it at the hem of the skirt, the skirt would be too long. As it was, the skirt was just the right length. The ruffle is about 15" deep, but I couldn't just iron & hem the skirt fabric across at 15" because it stuck to itself. And I couldn't attach the ruffle to it 15" above the hem for the same reason. It looks so good with the ruffle attached (just pinned as a mockup), I would hate to not be able to use it.

I haven't attached the waistband to the blue-grey skirt yet. It's too big for my waist, because I'm not experienced enough to figure out how deep the pleats should be for a fitted waistband. I tried to gather it using the sewing machine with my stitch setting on 5 and using a very strong thread, but... No. It is actually much easier to do knife pleats than to gather that much fabric along a thread. I made it like the petticoat, but I just sewed one seam up the center back and left an opening to get into. If I fold both sides over each other, it gives a bustle effect. I think I'll need to use hooks & eyes on the waistband for it.

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