Sunday, February 5, 2012

Pirate Wedding - Skirt 2

Skirt 2, the burgundy skirt was finally finished last weekend. And? It's too short. I should have made it two inches longer. I used tiny stitches to hem it and the thread is damn near invisible in the textured fabric of the skirt, so there is no way I can pick out the hem. And I had juuuust enough thread to finish the skirt.

But, the fabric is nice and bulky, so it would look okay on its own. Or I could use it as a petticoat. I should have remembered, when I was measuring it, that with the petticoat underneath I would need to make the skirt longer. Oh well. I was kind of upset about it when I tried it on with my corset so I didn't take pictures of it while wearing it. But a blog entry without pictures is boring, so here's a picture of my skirt draped over the ironing board. I'll try to take pictures of it being worn today.

I do have a matelasse coverlet that I bought for $6 or $7 at Savers with the idea of making it into a quilted petticoat. I could make it up and pleat it onto a yoke. It would be short enough to not show under the burgundy skirt, and with the yoke it wouldn't be as bulky around my waist as the osnaburg petticoat, and it would give just as much bulk. I might do that... 

I've been thinking about my outside corset that I want made for my costume. I keep looking at the one I bought. It's made out of one piece of fabric, in other words, it doesn't have panels. (What is the deal with my camera that using the flash makes things DARKER???)

I keep thinking, surely I could trace it and make one of my own? And then, I found what I think is the pattern she made it from. It's from the Elizabethan Corset Pattern Generator (ECG for short).

Looks pretty easy, huh?

I started to get excited. I thought, "I AM DOING THIS!" I bought buckram and matching thread for my fabric. I bought giant cable ties for the boning. I bought wire cutters to cut the giant cable ties. I bought fray check for the cut edges of my fabric because it frays like crazy. I traced my corset, cut out a muslin for the mockup, retraced the pattern based on the mockup, and cut out my fabric. Next post will be about making the corset.

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