Saturday, July 27, 2013

Sewing from a pattern

Hey look, I made a dress! An actual, real dress that I can actually wear in everyday life! I made it from a pattern! It wasn't that hard! In fact, it wasn't hard at all! I read the instructions and followed them step-by-step and I made a dress that turned out pretty good!

There's a tie-belt that goes with this dress that I forgot to put on. And I have to try to ignore that the design is off-center on the bodice, otherwise I get twitchy.

Can we please ignore the massive scowl on my face? I was actually in the middle of a fit of rage while taking these pics. Why, you ask? Well, keep reading...

This shows the fit of the bodice a little better.

It's not perfect but it's an actual dress that I made from an actual pattern, which means I can make soooo many dresses from this pattern and the next one will be better than the first because I will have already had practice with this pattern!



Same exact pattern, but this time it's about 2 sizes too big. The biggest problem is the bodice, which is too long, and too big. Also, the top edge of the front and back pieces didn't match up like they did on the first dress I made. I don't know how that happened. The only thing I did different was to line the dress, which made it too bulky--but that wouldn't have made it two sizes too big.

To fix it, I'll remove the bodice from the skirt and cut out the lining as much as possible (I don't want to completely dismantle the damn thing) and take it in at the sides, and then attach the skirt a couple of inches higher, and see if that fixes things.

The pattern is Simplicity 9909, which I picked up for a dollar at a local thrift store.