Tuesday, January 3, 2012

My second project

I've just started my next project: the 1911 corset featured in the sew-along on the amazing blog, Bridges on the Body. The list of supplies and the schedule are in the December 2011 posts.


The inspiration for the sew-along is Jo's Titanic Corset, pictured here:

Since I've never made a corset, or sewn a garment before until my 18th-century style petticoat, I didn't want to buy the expensive coutil fabric that corsets are supposed to be made from. I found a yard of sturdy cotton canvas outdoor fabric at Jo-Ann which came to about $3.60 and found seam binding and satin ribbon (for the lacing) to match.

Now I'm worried about it. I'm afraid that even if the corset turns out good, it will look like a mess because I know nothing about pattern matching on printed fabrics and I'm not sure how easily I can learn.

Next post will be documenting, step by step, the first task in the sew-along schedule: transferring my measurements to the pattern.


  1. Your fabric is so festive! Don't worry about matching the print, save that for another day. I think bold prints like this look great when they aren't matched.

  2. Oh wow, you commented on my blog! Thank you! How did you find it? I've never done a blog and really wanted to have a link to your blog in a sort of "blog roll" section but couldn't figure out if blogger can do that.