Monday, November 18, 2013

Old letters: L.A. Johnson writes to Miss Lois Carter, 1918

We are WAY overdue for another old letter. I'm having a bit of weepy day today, plus I'm really stressed about money, and I'm just worrying about everything all at once and and and... So I want to treat myself and all my bot readers to a new old letter.

In this episode, L. A. Johnson writes to Miss Lois Carter, who apparently is in the hospital after having an operation. The letter is written on blank sales receipts from W. B. Lillard & Co, The Ladies' and Children's Ready-to-Wear Store, No. 105 S. Market St., Jackson, Tenn.

As usual, I'm keeping all the original spelling in the transcription and making my best guess where proper names are iffy.

[FROM: L.A. Johnson, Jackson, Tennessee, TO: Miss Lois Carter, c/o Lucy Brinkley Hospital, Memphis, Tennessee / May 9, 1918]

Dearest Babe

Hope you are getting along fine and will soon be home for we miss you so much. I saw Abe Watlington and he said to tell you that it wasn't at all neccessary for you to go to Memphis for he could have performed the operation on Stoddert St. as well.

Everything is quiet as usual had a little excitement yesterday when a live wire fell on our st and Miss Mollie was guarding it for the company.

I think Mr. Mashis is behaving nicely haven't heard of any more babies. Prof Griffin had his trial yesterday somebody said. I don't know what they did.

Don't you like my stationary they didn't have time to have my monogram so you will have to excuse it this time.

The whole force was in office so of course didn't have the nerve to ask for expensive paper.

Well have just had an old hen who told me she could get waist like my 7.50 ones in Greenfield for 1.98. That is just like the old devils. 

Some more of boys are going to leave Mon. I don't know whether Mac is in the crowd or not. 

I have three pennies left from pay day. I have bought myself broke in war saving stamps. I will be a rich lady if the war ever ends. Then I speck maby with all my money I can get Mr. Phillips especially his auto.

Well must close as Mary & Mr. Joe is flying round like tigers this morn and are liable to put me on buttons so I have to pretend I am busy guess I will have to stay in toilet. Mr M Tuckfeld & I will take time about he is in now.

Write us
[name illegible]

Omg, "haven't heard of any more babies"! My, my, my. I guess Mr. Mashis was one who got around. I like this girl's sense of humor! And boy, I would have been pissed off too if someone told me she found the same dress as me somewhere else for a quarter of the price. I wonder if the boys who are going to leave on Monday are being deployed for the war? She wants Mr. Phillips for his car. And she was huddled in the bathroom writing this letter! L. A. Johnson sounds like a vivacious young lady. I wish I could read the name at the end of the letter, but I just can't make it out. It looks like it starts with a G, but I don't know how that relates to her first initial being L.

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