Tuesday, November 19, 2013

McCall's Magazine, July 1902

I was so excited to find a McCall's Magazine dated July, 1902 at one of my favorite antique malls this weekend. It's missing several pages, so the vendor didn't even charge me for it. AND, maybe the most exciting thing about it, is that it came with a FREE pattern!! For a 1902 "waist"!!! Which I'm going to share at the end of this post!!!!

But first, let's take a trip down history lane. How about these fab hats for little girls? I honestly didn't know that little girls were expected to wear hats like THIS back then. Whenever I think of old-fashioned hats for girls, I think of a little straw hat with a simple ribbon on it. Not hats loaded with frills and feathers and floral trims and lace.

Celebrity Snapshots! Miss Hilda Spong, M. Santos Dumont, and Mark Twain are featured. Mark Twain? Who ARE these people?

I Googled all of them. Miss Hilda Spong was an actress that I think started in Australia, and then made her debut in England in 1896. According to Wikipedia, she was born in 1875 and was in a shit-ton of plays, and died in 1955.

Santos Dumont, wow, I had no idea he pioneered air flight and in fact made the first airplane and did the first airplane flight BEFORE the Wright brothers! I can't believe he's been virtually erased from history and the Wright brothers get all the credit for inventing airplanes. Santos Dumont was a pacifist and hated the fact that his biggest invention was used as a tool of war.

Mark Twain was a writer and wrote some book called The Adventures of Tom Sawyer. I have no idea. *shrug*

Now for the good stuff - fashion.

Ribbon Garniture for Summer Gowns
Sporting Costumes
Summer Shirt Waists
Gowns for the Seashore
Frocks for Misses and Children
For the Street and Boudoir
For the Street and Boudoir

More picspam of McCall's Magazine, July 1902 edition in a later post. And I've decided to share the shirtwaist pattern in its own post to make it easier to find.

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