Friday, February 22, 2013

Like a pioneer

I'm having a massively exciting evening of pinning knife pleats by the light of the fireplace, just like a real pioneer. :)

And then I BASTED them in place BY HAND!

I don't know why some people hate knife pleats. They are so beautiful. I just eyeball them since the only good tutorials I've found involve math, and I can't math. My waistbands always end up too big, so I just by default make my skirts and petticoats the 18th century style for adjustability.

My puppy has been "helping" me (she likes burying her Nylabones in the skirt fabric). Right now she's leaning on me and squeaking her Blue Guy (and deafening me and my husband in the process). I wish I could get a picture, but in the dim light of the fireplace it's just not possible.So here's a picture of her from a couple of weeks ago, when I caught her in a calm moment.

I hope you are all having an equally lovely evening.


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