Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Summer dresses - New Look 6457, Part the Second

Hey look, it's New Look 6457 again! When I found a fabulous vintage sheet in bright, cheerful colors with an awesome little landscape scene on it, I knew it was perfect for this pattern.

The first dress was so (relatively) easy to make and is such a cute, perfect style, I couldn't wait to try it again.

And, well, it was still easy, but somehow the seam over my right boob (your left as you look at the picture) was off-center.

And damn it if I can't get that top band sewn on straight. It's maddening. I had that same problem with the first New Look 6457 I made. Why something like that is so difficult to accomplish, I don't know.

Oh, and the bodice is a little too tight in the bust. Again, I have no idea why, because New Look 6457 the First is not. I haven't gained any weight, and I didn't accidentally cut it smaller because I trace my pattern pieces on freezer paper before I sew anything for the first time, and I just reused those pieces. It does stretch out a bit during the day though.

I sewed the size 10 bodice with the size 16 (biggest size) skirt, because I love a full skirt, and since it's just gathered I didn't have to worry about fitting issues at the waist.

Here it is, in all it's radiant glory.

That strap on my right shoulder isn't really set crooked. Straps on that shoulder always tend to slip though.

Ignore tacky sports bra straps.

Can you see the off-center seam on my bosom?

Aww yisss... What you are looking at here is a perfectly aligned zipper seam.

I almost cut the front panel of the skirt out upside down. Thankfully, I caught it and flipped the pattern piece over before pinning it to the fabric. But, I flaked out by the time I was laying the bodice pieces out and so those are all upside down... But I don't think it's all that noticeable.

As always, by the time I've put in the zipper (which went PERFECTLY this time!!), I'm sick of the dress and impatient to wear it, so I get sloppy on attaching the shoulder straps. I should hand sew to attach them to the inside of the front bodice band, but I don't. This is why I don't show close-up details of my dresses, haha. You'll see my crooked seams and lazy stitching.

It's a great, sturdy little dress. I wore it to the dog park as well as out shopping. I need to make more weekend dresses out of sheets. Then I can use the same dress for both errands and sweatier activities and have more space in my closet.


  1. Oh Jen! This is a wonderful dress! The fabric is so very cute - great colors. You did a fabulous job Girl :)

  2. Oh Jen! This is a wonderful dress! The fabric is so very cute - great colors. You did a fabulous job Girl :)

  3. Thank you again!! I was hoping I'd make you proud! That dress is my favorite thing ever right now. Why don't they make sheets like that anymore?!?