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Old letters: Lizzie writes to her mother, 1890

In this edition of special posts, Lizzie writes to her mother. She refers to a preacher coming from New Market, but I don't know where that is, and of a funeral in Stringtown, which was in Hays County between San Marcos and New Braunfels.

In the letter, Lizzie refers to an Eva, and also a Mrs. Mercer. My previous old letter post (letter dated August 1912) was from Mrs. D. Mashias to Mrs. Eva Mercer, and Mrs. D. Mashias refers to Eva as "sister" in that letter. Is Lizzie Mrs. D. Mashias? Did Eva marry Mrs. Mercer's son?

I like Lizzie. I get the impression that she was a bit sassy and opinionated and fun to be around.

I just noticed the imprint of the fist holding lightening bolts at the top left corner of the first page. I wonder what that means?

Since there aren't any paragraph breaks in the letter, I split it up below according to the pages of the letter to make it easier to read.

[FROM: Lizzie TO: Mother / October 26, 1890]

Oct. 26th 1890
Sabbath-eve at home

Dear Mother,

When you get this you will have Eva's letter which she wrote yesterday telling you how anxious we are to hear from you so it would be jolly to repeat. We were out to Sabbath School had an attendance of 66. Mr. George preached his last sermon last S_____ and we are to have another man. There was one from New Market here last Tuesday night. He is trying to form a new circuit and have our class belong to that. His name was Mr. Garry. I don't think he will suit us at all, for he dident act nor talk like

any of the Methodist preachers I ever saw. I move that they stop some where else for it gets to be an old time. He came here about the middle of the afternoon & did not come in the house till about dark. I did not know who he was thought he must be some peddler or a grub [?], but nevertheless he turned out to be a preacher. I did not make any extra fuss just let him take what the rest of us did. He went away the next morning, and I was most awful glad of it for I did not want to stay at home and get dinner, as I was going to Mr. Baker's funeral. Mrs. Mercer, Kate, Dora, Eva, Fay & I went in the buggy. Mr. Baker died Monday night between 9 & 10 o'clock 

was buried at Stringtown. I guess she was left in destitute circumstances. Mr. Barr took sick Saturday about noon with congestion of the kidneys. Got so bad that they sent for Jennie and McCluney, but they said today he was getting better so he was able to walk around. Ella said that Winfields intend to go home in about two weeks if he can not get any work before that time. Mr. Woods is here now came last wk. some time. I should think John would want them to quit coming for they had about all they could accommodate before. Well I begin to feel sleepy but know you won't wonder much when I tell you I was out three nights last week 

Tuesday to Straits to a party Thursday to Mercers for a party and Friday to Singing School, but did not stay late any night. Don't know of any party this week that I will go to so I can stay at home this week and make up for last week. Jake wants us to have one but I told him I could not for you was gone. I am going to make my dress this week or that is the calculation now. Got a good color of it I think. Now mother as this is the third or fourth letter to your one I will stop and give you a chance. Write immediately. Love to all from your forgotten daughter Lizzie.

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