Friday, March 2, 2012

Pirate Wedding - Corset/Bodice DONE(ish)

My corset/bodice is DONE for the most part. It's wearable! But I still need to attach the shoulder straps. And buy ribbon for lacing the back. And find something to embellish the top with so as to hide the fact that one side is a little higher than the other. I would also like to find some way to embellish the center seam to make it fancier. I figure a pirate lady is going to want to wear jewelry, if she's anything like me. But it can't be something that could strangle her (necklace) or cut off her fingers (rings). So brooches would be good.

Okay, I guess I'll have to post the rest of the pictures tomorrow, because Blogger seems to be having issues right now. I've spent the last 30 minutes trying to upload pictures and it freezes every time I do.

Wait, now it's working. I published my entry and now it's working again. Although I had to load one of the pictures twice AT LEAST IT'S SHOWING UP.

Look at my frown line. I've been doing facial exercises (this program is seriously amazing) since July and they've made a ton of difference (I stopped doing them for a couple of weeks over Christmas break and omg I looked so rough, so I know it's for real). But the frown line is still horrible.

The corset meets at the top of the lacing strips. If I make this pattern again, I'll have to reduce the angle in the back. At least, I think that will solve the problem. The other parts are good enough. I think I can loosen the top enough to make the sides of the lacing strips parallel without being too loose in the bust.

I look back at the pictures of the corset I based this one off of, and it just amazes me that a total stranger living half a continent away could make something that fits so well without ever seeing me. Just thinking about sewing on commission makes me hyperventilate. My gorgeous wedding dress is being made by a vendor (thank you Jill from cherrypievintage, you are so effing awesome) on It is so lovely and I just can't even imagine ever, ever, ever sewing for other people.

Look at how well this fits! Costumers of the world who take on commissions without ever seeing the person who is paying them... You are amazing.

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